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Paying for utilities in modern times can have a significant impact on the family budget. Moreover, most of this cost is accounted for by electricity bills. So how do you reduce costs and save energy?

To make sure that everyone turns off the light after himself, to cook on a small fire is good, but it is not an exhaustive solution to the problem, since such measures do not bring tangible results. Now you can not worry about the big bill. Thanks to Stability 24 you can save your money.

In this article you can find out what is Stability 24, how to use, read the whole truth about Stability 24, where to buy Stability 24 at a low price in the Philippines read reviews and comments about the Stability 24.

What is the Stability 24?

With rising prices for energy carriers, in particular for electricity, as well as with an increase in the number of household household electrical appliances, each consumer connected to the power supply has an absolutely logical decision to take measures to save it. There are many ways to save expended electricity, however, not so long ago a new, as the manufacturer claims, innovative device has appeared that will significantly reduce the consumption of electric energy both in the apartment and in the house. This device is called Stability 24.

Stability 24 is an innovative device thanks to which you can not only save electricity, but also protect household appliances from voltage surges, thereby increasing the life of light bulbs and electrical goods. The main task of the energy-saving device Stability 24 is to reduce the loss of electricity in houses, apartments, cottages and cottages.

Main functions:

  • Improvement of the main network parameters;
  • Unloading the network from reactive currents;
  • Energy savings of 10-25% depending on the quality of the network and the main consumers.

Energy saving Stability 24 is an energy-saving device that will allow everyone to minimize energy costs. Up to 40% of the money you spend monthly to pay for it can be a more enjoyable item in your budget. Among analogues, the economizer has a significant advantage – legality. It is as simple as possible to use, you just have to connect it to the outlet closest to the meter. After that, the process of converting reactive energy into active energy will begin and saving your money by eliminating the need to pay for useless kilowatts.

How does this miracle invention work?

An energy-saving device is connected to the generator-load circuit in parallel with the load after the meter. In this case, reactive currents make local oscillations between the inductive load elements and the static converter, and do not circulate through the alternating current network between the supply transformer and the load.

Energy saving using an energy-saving device is achieved by improving and normalizing the structure of the electric current, dynamically absorbing or releasing reactive power, reducing resistance losses, eliminating power surges.

Now you can save 20–40% of monthly electricity bills! And if you use a large number of household electrical appliances, then an energy-saving device will be a real find for you!

Energy savings of 15–45% are achieved by improving and normalizing the structure of the electric flow, dynamically absorbing or releasing reactive power, reducing harmful harmonics and harmful electromagnetic waves, reducing resistance losses, eliminating power surges.

Estimated power consumption of electrical appliances and an estimated percentage of energy savings when using static energy-saving devices.

The Stability 24 static converter monitors and actively improves the power factor of your personal and professional appliances.

A device that provides the user with information about energy consumption in the home and office is a household meter of electrical power. Connect it between the outlet and the device you want to monitor, and you will receive the following data:

  • Parameters of the power supply network (voltage, current and frequency);
  • The power consumed by the load;
  • The amount of energy consumed;
  • Costs of energy consumed (including at several tariffs).

For the rational use of this equipment, it must be installed in a socket next to the first (nearest) load from the meter. This allows you to determine the entire load to the meter and adjust the power factor accordingly.

For the rational use of electricity, it is necessary to provide cost-effective ways of its transmission, distribution and consumption with minimal losses. For this, it is necessary to exclude from the electric networks all factors leading to the occurrence of losses. One of them is the delay of the phase of the flowing current from voltage in the presence of an inductive load, since loads in household electrical networks are usually active-inductive in nature. Active energy is converted into useful – mechanical, thermal, and other energy. Reactive energy is not associated with the performance of useful work, but is spent on creating magnetic fields and creates an additional load on the power supply lines, because it spreads through the network, not dissipating in the active elements, but making oscillatory movements from the load to the generator and vice versa.

The share of consumed reactive power in the network, depending on the type of payload, can be from 15% to 45% of the total load current. These 15% – 45% of electricity can be saved, because reactive power along with active power is taken into account by the electricity supplier and is payable. Consumer at current rates.

A large number of comments, opinions and safety reviews * can be found on the forums, which confirms the absence of side effects.

What are the benefits of aStability 24?

Every day everything rises in price. Housing and utilities, including electricity, are no exception. And we can no longer just do without such familiar and necessary devices as a TV, computer, microwave, iron, food processor, refrigerator, washing machine and much more. How to save so that you don’t deny yourself anything?

Especially for use in private homes and apartments, the energy-saving device for energy saving Stability 24 was developed. This smart device will save up to 30% of electricity and at the same time protect your devices from voltage surges, thereby prolonging their useful life.

The device for saving energy is connected to the outlet closest to the meter and immediately starts working. The effectiveness of its application is explained by the reduction of resistance losses, the elimination of voltage surges in the electric network, the normalization of the electric power structure, and the use of reactive power.

The energy-saving Stability 24 eliminates all of the factors leading to loss. You can save money without limiting yourself in anything. The device does not require any additional maintenance.


  • Energy saving;
  • Significantly lower utility bills;
  • Easy to use;
  • Voltage stabilization;
  • Advanced structure of electric flow;
  • The device is indispensable for those who use a large number of electrical appliances;
  • Effectively saves energy sources;
  • Ecologicaly clean;
  • Stabilizes voltage;
  • Current source balance;
  • Protective devices;
  • Smart, sleek design with LED lights to indicate operation;
  • Extend the life of electrical devices;
  • Easy to use – no maintenance;
  • Saving energy means saving money, saving money, making money.

Save electricity every minute and second after installing the device. Just plug the energy-saving device into any outlet in the house. Depending on the number of electrical appliances and the load on the network, you can use one of the proposed modes to achieve energy savings.

How to use Stability 24?

Do not limit yourself and deprive household members of their usual comfort. The practical energy-saving device Stability 24, thanks to rational static voltage conversion, can save up to 35%. The real effect, which is favorably displayed on the state of home finances.

To achieve the effect, you just need to connect the Stability 24 in parallel to the network, the principle of which is to increase stability and optimize the quality of the electric power flow. Thanks to the practical device, the voltage flow makes local oscillations along inductive fields.

The achieved feature leads to a multiple increase in power factor, as well as the efficiency of any device. The main advantage of the Stability 24 electric field optimizer is the achievement of significant energy savings. In this case, the device is completely safe, reduces the energy loss due to heating of the wiring elements, and also helps to reduce noise.

The device for saving electricity allows any consumer of electricity to save from 15% to 45% of the monthly cost of paying for electricity!

Where to buy Stability 24?

How to save electricity in a house or apartment? Probably not those who did not think about it. After all, there is no point in overpaying for electricity if you do not get any additional benefits in return.

Let us also not forget that the current time is characterized by a tendency to increase utility tariffs. If so, then why not think about how to save money from the family budget. Moreover, this is spurred by the cost of services for the supply of electricity, which is growing day by day.

We will also not forget that saving natural resources is also necessary in order to protect the environment. If we all spend a lot of electricity, the ecological system on the planet will not withstand the load.

Surveys have shown that in Europe, people want to preserve nature in its original form. There, each individually needs to independently draw up an action plan. And then receipts for payment become significantly less.

Electricity makes up a significant part of the average for housing and communal services. However, not everyone knows that cutting these costs is not so difficult. Enough to buy Stability 24. Its effectiveness is confirmed by the millions of user comments that can be found on the forums.

You can buy an innovative tool on the official website of the manufacturer iStability 24 in the Philippines. Ordering the original Stability 24 is easy.

  • Go to the website;
  • Fill out the application form and indicate the phone number;
  • Wait for a call from the operator to clarify the details of the order and price;
  • Pay Stability 24 upon receipt;
  • Connect your Stability 24 and start saving!

Saving energy is saving money, saving money is an additional income for you!