A specialist tells what to do in case of hair loss

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Today I”m going to tell you how to stop hair loss and make your hair stronger. Read all useful pieces of advice and know-how right now.

I”ll begin with the fact that most of popular methods and hair remedies are absolutely useless. Some of them can even do irreparable harm.

Myth 1

For instance, everyone knows about treating your scalp with garlic, which is believed to strengthen hair bulbs. It literally burns the scalp and destroys hair bulbs. I don”t advise this method unless you want to lose your hair in an instant.

Myth 2

Hair products based on keratin is a marketing trick. Marketers claim that keratin makes the hair stronger and thicker from within. But, as a matter of fact, molecules of the substance are too large to penetrate the hair structure, they only envelope it. The outcome is the same – hair loss.

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Myth 3

A new trendy procedure is hair transplantation. It is costly and very painful. After the transplantation only 15-20% of hair bulbs take root. As a rule, hair begins to grow unevenly and too many bald spots appear. Over time new bulbs die out and you start once again losing hair.

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However, the solution to the hair loss problem exists. Specialists managed to create a remedy based on natural components which acts from the inside and regenerates even deep dormant bulb. This is a hair mask of a new generation Princess Hair .

Princess Hair – anti hair loss mask: review, ingredients, effect, how to use, side effects

Its kind of feminine package does not indicate that only women can use it. Researches showed that it helps men even better. Its uniqueness is in its composition:

  • Active complex of proteins penetrates into hair structure and stops hair loss;princess hair price in philippines
  • Shea butter protects the hair from the sun, while maintaining water balance. It nourishes without making it heavy;
  • Buckthorn oil moisturizes and seals split ends.

Now a few words about the using method. Use the mask as a means of prevention once a week. Use it once in 2-3 days to stop hair loss. Put on your head a polyethylene cap or an ordinary bag for better effect. It will create a thermal effect and components of the mask will enter the structure of the hair and the bulb itself easier. After the very first use you will notice that your hair is softer and firmer, it ia easy to comb and not brittle.

I”ve already started recommending the mask to my patients. One of them is Nina, she was getting ready for the wedding and was very nervous. Her stress provoked hair loss. It was only a month before the wedding when she came to me with tears in her eyes.

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She started to use Princess Hair 3 times a week and 3 weeks later she paid me another visit. Her hair became a lot thicker, no bald spots could be seen, the girl was happy.

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Another example – Paul. He came to me when he was 31, he already had a giant bald patch on the top of his head, and he asked me to do hair transplantion. When I offered to first try Princess Hair , it took him a while to agree. He said that he had tried all of his wife”s shampoos and that they were totally useless. But I stood my ground.

In a week he visited me wearing a big smile. Hair started to grow on his bald spot! Hairs were still short and thin, but they were growing! In 3 months the guy had a fantastic head of hair.

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Thanks to natural components and modern technologies now every person has a chance to have thick and strong hair at any age. Take advantage!

Thank you for attention, I”m waiting for your comments.

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My husband can”t stop losing his hair. He”s only 37, and he”s almost bald. We”ve tried a lot of folk methods, nothing works. He doesn”t want hair transplantation. Besides, it”s expensive. I”ve never heard of Princess Hair before, but if a doctor advises it, we”ll try it. I”ll keep you posted about the results.


I don”t advise to use folk metohds, because they can make the situation even worse and cause allergy. Princess Hair has been tested by dermatologists and has all quality certificates, so I can recommend it with confidence. I wish you good luck!


My hair is naturally very thin, it tends to get tangled all the time, it also became very brittle. Coconut oil helps big time, but hair gets very oily after it. Does Princess Hair also make your hair oily?


From my own experience, I”ve been using Princess Hair for quite a while, it doesn”t make the hair oily a bit. I apply it directly on the roots and they remain fresh even 2-3 days afterwards. But the most astonishing fact is how fast the hair grows. I had a “bob” haircut 6 months ago and now my hair is below the blades!

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Thank you a lot for your recommendations, doctor! I”ve been following your blog for a long time, I never fail to find something useful.


I”m glad I could help. Thank you for feedback.


I had hair transplantation 2 years ago. it took root very slowly, I had a severe inflammation. Now the lanugo on the head looks even worse than the bald spot. And it cost me a fortune.


I tried Princess Hair , it didn”t impress me. The hair is soft, this is true. I didn”t have any real problems with my hair, though.


this is all rubbish! I”ve been bald for more than 10 years, nothing is going to help me, I”m sure!


wow, hair bulbs have an ability to come alive even after many years. Surely, not all by themselves, but under the influence of specific substances. The components of Princess Hair promote the process of awakening and restoration of at least 65% of hair bulbs. So, I recommend this remedy to you.


I personally adore bald men, they are the most sexual ones!!!)))))


Garlic helps a lot for hair loss. Rub it into the scalp and rinse 30 minutes later. the only drawback is odour. It stays with you for a week or two…


My husband and I use Princess Hair . He said at first that this is some rubbish, but when he saw that hair stopped falling out, he started to use this mask even more often than I do!

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