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If you are increasingly having problems in bed – a sluggish erection, lack of sexual desire, a swift “finish”, you should not put up with this and give up on yourself. Try to connect the male biocomplex HomoErectus – and your partner will be crazy about you! This is a natural drug that experts suggest as an effective replacement for well-known stimulants sold in pharmacies and sex shops. Unlike the promoted counterparts, it does not contain synthetics, which means that you can not be afraid of side effects.

Let’s take a look at what is HomoErectus, how the product works, how to use it according to the instructions, what are the advantages of the original product, where to buy the capsules and what is their price in the Philippines, and also analyze the reviews, comments and opinions about the forums and official website.

Causes of weak potency

An important role is played by psycho-emotional factors (stress, depression, nervous tension), which reduce libido and do not allow to concentrate on the process. Of course, the age of a man is also important, which is associated with a decrease in testosterone production.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Overweight
  • Bad habits
  • Nervous tension
  • Low physical activity
  • Hormonal disorders

How to restore male power?

Since problems with potency are not uncommon today, a huge number of funds can be found on the market that promise to correct the situation. However, some of them do not give any results, while others have a short-term effect (not the same as we would like). At the same time, pharmacy drugs to enhance potency have a lot of contraindications and side effects, which, together with the “biting” price, makes you think about the advisability of buying them.

HomoErectus will destroy the formed stereotypes and actually prove that there is a safe and effective way to restore potency!

HomoErectus – a strong erection and a vibrant sex life!

The drug is made according to old recipes that helped the ancient Vikings feel the endless male power and pass for gods in bed. It does not contain synthetic components and chemicals, so the product is completely safe to use. Also, the remedy has no side effects and addiction, while it has a cumulative effect, which reduces the likelihood of misfires in bed after the end of the course.

Increases blood flow in the pelvic organs, promotes the natural production of testosterone.

  • Increases libido, restores erectile function
  • Normalizes hormonal levels, improves men’s health
  • Helps to fill the cavernous bodies of the pen with blood, helps to achieve a strong and long-lasting erection
  • Strengthening of sexual desire
  • Strengthening potency
  • Prolongation of sexual intercourse
  • Elimination of stagnant phenomena
  • Increased orgasm

HomoErectus will help you wake up a real tiger in yourself, which will be ready for the longest sex marathon!

What’s Included?

The key advantage of the potency product HomoErectus over the advertised pathogens is recognized as a 100% natural composition, in which there are no dangerous additives. The following components help to restore and strengthen sexual health:

  • Provides a comprehensive healing effect on the body of a man
  • Enhances sensations, tones well, awakens libido
  • Reliable assistant in the treatment of prostate pathologies
  • Promotes increased sexual desire
  • Has a vasodilating effect, which allows you to strengthen and stabilize an erection
  • A strong herbal aphrodisiac that increases testosterone levels. Strengthen potency, provide a powerful charge of sexual energy
  • Enhances sexual activity
  • Strengthens potency, eliminates sexual weakness, helps to recover from psycho-emotional stress
  • Help normalize hormonal levels

Acting synergistically, the bioactive ingredients eliminate the causes of erectile dysfunction and restore self-confidence. The medicine is recommended by experts and does not require a prescription.

HomoErectus potency remedy: benefits

The elixir is based on extracts of herbs and plants, the action of which is aimed at excitation, the disclosure of male potential, and an increase in sexual desire.

Advantages of HomoErectus potency remedy:

  • The effect comes from the first application
  • Valid for at least 4 hours
  • Has a mutual effect on both partners
  • Provides long lasting erection
  • Guarantees bright multiple orgasms
  • Does not contain hormones, GMOs, chemicals
  • Compatible with small doses of alcohol
  • Does not cause addiction and adverse reactions
  • Opens new horizons of sexual relation

The effectiveness of the drug

Unlike most analogues, it begins to act after the first dose. An erection does not occur “suddenly”, but increases gradually. In the process of sexual intercourse, it is even more strengthened. At the same time, there is no shortness of breath, increased blood pressure and increased heart rate.